Señor Loco
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"In the Fall of 2001, Miami Beach was home to thousands of refugees from around the world. They came in search of the American Dream. One of them will find it on the sun-washed avenues of South Beach...wealth, power, and passion beyond his wildest dreams. The world will remember his name forever...Señor Loco."
- Cynthia Vargas, SOBE Voice

Miami Beach welcomes fresh, original music from a group of five who met while serving steaks at a local, well known restaurant.

What appears to be the outcome is best described as--South Beach Ghetto Rock...a natural outgrowth of rock & roll, punk, reggae, and pure music. An original style that appeals to a diverse group of listeners who are compelled to look within, so they can better understand their own relationship with everything from T-bone steaks to the homicidal consequences of the Versace murder.

"Put some music in my headphones! There's a new sound on South Beach; 'South Beach ghetto rock'. Señor Loco can deliver."
- Jack Rosenberg, Transformaton Technologies

Señor Loco awoke from the ghetto to emerge as a transformational musical experience with an incredible mainstream appeal.

Their music has been compared to REM, The Doors, Lou Reed, The B-52's, and The Sex Pistols, but after you hear them you will agree, Señor Loco is creating an exciting musical style all their own.

Inspired by current events and life on the Beach, each song is a collaborative effort. Gus writes Señor Loco's thought provoking lyrics, while Hernan, Juan Carlos, Mauro, and Michelle translate his words into music which will invade your soul with infectious melodies that float through your subconscious.

"Señor Loco has and exciting and original sound. They're shining a light on what life is really like in South Beach"
- Jonathan Kellerman, Mullet Run

Señor Loco just finished recording their debut album "Bubbles of Pleasure." The record features string arrangements, three-part harmonies, and more of their rock and roll energy which have made songs like "Overexposed" and "Dog Shit Capital of the World" cult favorites.

Señor Loco is looking for an independent label to release the album.